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// C++ header file
// This file is part of RGL
// $Id: Device.hpp 384 2005-08-04 22:32:13Z dadler $

#include "Disposable.hpp"
#include "types.h"
#include "rglview.h"

// class Device
// - display device title
// - setup the view matrix container (rows and columns of views)
// - setup the view/scene relation (scene per view -or- shared scene)
// - manages current view
// - dispatches scene services to current view's scene

class Device : public Disposable, protected IDisposeListener
public: // -- all methods are blocking until action completed

  Device(int id);
  virtual ~Device();
  int  getID();
  void setName(const char* string);
  bool open(void); // -- if failed, instance is invalid and should be deleted
  void close(void); // -- when done, instance is invalid and should be deleted
  bool snapshot(int format, const char* filename);
  bool postscript(int format, const char* filename);

  bool clear(TypeID stackTypeID);
  bool add(SceneNode* node);
  bool pop(TypeID stackTypeID);

  // accessor method for Scene, modeled after getBoundingBox()
  // from scene.h
  const Scene* getScene() const { return scene; }

  void bringToTop(int stay);

  RGLView* getRGLView(void);
// event handlers
  void notifyDisposed(Disposable* disposable);
  void update(void);

  Window* window;
  RGLView* rglview;
  Scene* scene;
  int    id_;

#endif // RGL_DEVICE_HPP

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