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#ifndef COLOR_HPP
#define COLOR_HPP

//   Color
//   uses floats as the general format for single colors, clear colors,
//   lighting and material color properties

#include "types.h"

class Color
  Color(float red, float green, float blue, float alpha=1.0f);
  Color(u8 red, u8 green, u8 blue, u8 alpha);
  Color(const char* string);
  float  getRedf()   const { return data[0]; }
  float  getGreenf() const { return data[1]; }
  float  getBluef()  const { return data[2]; }
  float  getAlphaf() const { return data[3]; }
  u8     getRedub()  const { return (u8) (data[0]/255.0f); }
  u8     getGreenub()const { return (u8) (data[1]/255.0f); }
  u8     getBlueub() const { return (u8) (data[2]/255.0f); }
  u8     getAlphaub()const { return (u8) (data[3]/255.0f); }
  float* getFloatPtr() const { return (float*) data; }
  /// set by integer ptr
  void   set3iv(int* color);
  void useClearColor() const;
  void useColor() const;
  float data[4];

//   ColorArray
//   uses unsigned bytes as interal format for mass color datas
//   carries alpha values

class ColorArray
  ColorArray( ColorArray& src );
  ColorArray( Color& bg, Color& fg );
//  void set( int ncolor, RColor* rcolors, u8 alpha=255 );
  void set( int ncolor, char** colors, int nalpha, double* alphas );
  void set( int ncolor, int* colors, int nalpha, double* alphas );
  void useColor( int index ) const;
  void useArray() const;
  unsigned int getLength() const;
  Color getColor( int index ) const;
  void recycle( unsigned int newsize );
  bool hasAlpha() const;
  bool hint_alphablend;
  unsigned int ncolor;
  unsigned int nalpha;
  u8* arrayptr;
  friend class Material;

#endif // COLOR_HPP

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